Old Dominion University
Digital Library Research Group


In the Peer-to-Peer Digital library project, we apply pure peer-to-peer techniques in the context of digital library to achieve self-sustainability, scalability, and to evolve communities of common interest. The evolution of communities is a key feature in the system and is based on analyzing the access patterns among nodes. The system has rich metadata-based search and publishing servic es. Every node in the system indexes a small collection, however, with the large scale of a peer-to-peer system, tremendous collection sizes are possible.

Funded by National Science Foundation

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Selected Publications

  • A. Amrou, K.Maly and M. Zubair,"Performance Evaluation of Freelib, a P2P-based Digital Library Architecture", World Digital Libraries: An International Journal, Vol 1, April 2008, accepted for publication.

  • A. Amrou, M. Zubair,K.Maly, “Performance Evaluation of Freelib, a P2P based Digital Library Architecture”, proceedings, ICDL, New Delhi, India, Dec 2006

  • A. Amrou, M. Zubair,K.Maly,“Freelib: Peer-to-peer-based Digital Libraries”, proceedings, pp. 9-14, AINA 2006, April, 2006