Old Dominion University
Digital Library Research Group


There are many approaches to achieve Digital Library (DL) interoperability. This project focuses on scaleable interoperation among non-cooperating digital libraries. In our paradigm, we define a Lightweight Federated Digital Library (LFDL) system, where a participating DL defines its external behavior through an XML specification and then registers itself with the LFDL. DL registration, removal, and modification are dynamic, and transparent to end-users.

Selected Publications

  • Kurt Maly, Michael L. Nelson, Mohammad Zubair, Ashraf Amrou, S. Kothasama, Lan Wang, Richard Luce, Light-weight communal digital libraries , Proceedings of JCDL 2004, Tucson AZ, June 7-11, 2004, pp. 237-238.

  • R. Shi, M. Zubair, Kurt Maly, "Improving Federated Service for Non-cooperating Digital Libraries" proceedings, ICDL 2004, New Dehli, India, Feb. 2004

  • R. Shi, M. Zubair, Kurt Maly, "Dynamic Interoperation of Non-cooperating Digital Libraries" pp. 350-361, DLOC 2002, Beijing, July 2002