Old Dominion University
Digital Library Research Group


The Smart Object, Dumb Archive (SODA) Model is an architecture for publishing that complements the use of buckets. The goal is to increase DL interoperability by pushing down functionality generally associated with archives into the DL objects themselves. Thus, the archives become "dumber" and the objects "smarter".

Selected Publications

  • Kurt Maly,Michael L. Nelson,Mohammad Zubair, D-Lib Magazine 5(3) ,march 1999

  • M.L. Nelson, D. R. Croom, S. W. Robbins,K. Maly, "Metadata Use in the Smart Object, Dumb Archive SODA Model", Third IEEE Meta-Data Conference, CD, April 99, Bethesda, MR

  • M. Nelson, M. Zubair, S. Shen,K. Maly, “SODA: Smart Objects, Dumb Archives”, ECDL’99, pp. 453-464, Paris, France, Sept. 99