Help for publishing technical reports using generic archivelet.

1. Publish an item 

Click "Publish" button, a popup dialog will appear. Then select the format for the type of document you want to publish.


a) On the Archivelet console click on "Publish" tab.
b) Select the metadata format as "oai_dc" and click on Continue button.
c) Publish a sample DC record and upload a sample document. 
Save the record.
d) When you click on "?" field, the regular expression of the particular field is seen. This is the regular expression , which is specified in the validation module of the group server to which the archivelet is registered. e) Click on List to see the published documents.

2. List/Edit/Remove/View published item

After your publishing,  you can click 'List' button to list all the item published.

Once you see the listed items you can also:

  • Edit an item -- Select an item from the list and click "Edit" button, and a popup dialog will appear. The process is similar to "how to add an item". 

  • View the shared file -- Select the item from the list, click View button. You will view what you have shared.

  • Remove an item -- Select the item that you want to remove from the list and then click the "Remove" button.

3. Importing published Documents to Archivelet machine

a) Click on import on the main Kepler UI.

b) The import can be done with 2 ways as follows:

   1. Give URL of the xml file .
   2 . Select the  xml file on your local machine to be imported.

c) Click OK.

d) The Kepler archivelet will be refreshed and the records from the file which is imported will be seen. 

4. Exporting a published Documents to Archivelet machine

a) Click on export on the main Kepler UI.

b) Select the file that is to be exported from the file chooser.

c) Click OK

b) You will get a popup saying that "File has been written", which confirms that the file had been converted to exported format.