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dbXML (Native XML Database)

dbXML - The solution for XML developers needing a database and database developers needing XML.

The dbXML Group is pleased to announce the immediate availability of dbXML 2.0 as an open source project under the terms of an MIT Style License. dbXML started as an open source project, it is only appropriate that it continue to be one.

dbXML is a Native XML Database. It is capable of storing and indexing collections of XML documents in both native and mapped forms for highly efficient querying, transformation, and retrieval. In addition to these capabilities, the server may also be extended to provide business logic in the form of scripts, classes and triggers.
As this version is not yet a production release, it should be assumed that it may not function properly under all conditions, and it should also be assumed that this will not be the only release candidate of the product. Because of its status, it should not be used for production systems.
This version is basically a complete rewrite of the dbXML 1.0 code (which, as you might remember, forked into the Apache Xindice project)
Some of the new features in this release include:
  • Journaling transactions
  • XSLT transformations
  • Full text indexing and Full text querying
  • Pluggable security models
  • A new command line system
  • New client/server APIs
  • SSL connection support
  • JSP Tag Library
  • Embedded Database APIs
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The dbXML Group provides commercial licenses for situations where utilization of open source software without a commercial license is inappropriate. If you are using or deploying dbXML in a commercial environment, you'll want to consider contacting us to discuss commercial licensing and support.
Mailing Lists, Support, and Source Code
Source code, bug reporting, and CVS access can all be found at our project page on Sourceforge.
Binary Releases
Binary releases for Windows, Mac OS X, and other UNIXes can be found here.

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